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Valmont Deep Cleansing Facial

Valmont Deep Cleansing Facial
Purity of Alps with Regenerating Collagen Mask
90 Min £230

More than a simple skin cleansing, the new Purity of the Alps treatment offers a true revival for the face. For those in search of clean skin gently and comfortably freed of impurities this expert treatment includes no fewer than 12 steps. From pre-cleansing and including if required extraction, the Purity of the Alps blends the delicacy of subtle gestures with the effectiveness of Valmont’s new Purity range of products.

Designed to purify, balance and unify the complexion this latest Valmont treatment is intended for all, the young, men and those whose skin displays a flawed texture, an uneven complexion, congestion and a pre-disposition to imperfections.